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"We stopped for dinner tonight after my brother told me how good this place was. The owner Joe and his staff are so nice. The menu is limited but the food is amazing. I got the mild fried chicken sandwich. The chicken was so crispy and flavorful. The brioche roll was perfect. The coleslaw and pickle on the sandwich just made it perfect. We will definitely be back!" ~ Emily M.

"Absolutely-hands down-the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. Oak Lawn needed a gem like this!"~ Nicole R..

"Fantastic. Love the Nashville hot chicken. Everything was delicious. Working downtown, there are a bunch of these places. This place blows em out of the water. Will be a returning customer." ~ Jim T. 

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"They have a super simple menu of fried or grilled chicken sandwiches and sides. The chicken was super crispy and tender, while still being juicy and flavorful. The coleslaw and pickles on the sandwich added even more delicious crunch. The fries were fresh cut and excellent. The buttermilk biscuits were great as well, a nice crispy crust with a nice moist crumb, plenty of flavor without being way too buttery.  Prices were good, too, more than fast food, but I'd gladly pay a few bucks more for quality food made with passion. This place will be a weekly visit for me and I can't recommend this place enough." ~ Russell P. 

"Arguably one of the best fried chicken sandwiches I've ever had, and I have had a ton.  This is definitely a breath of fresh air in the south suburbs, and is bar none the newest concept here as well. The chicken sandwich is enormous, great tasting, spiced to perfection, and very reasonably priced." ~ Karim

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"Talk about great food! Everything was good all around. The chicken sandwich was as good as they say it is. I will be coming back! These chicken sandwiches are 10x better than chick fil a! Hands down!" ~ Joe R.

"I didn't know I loved Nashville style chicken, but if this is it then sign me up! I ordered the breaded chicken sandwich and it was the freshest, juiciest, most tender I've ever had - with just the right amount of kick! It was dressed in an amazing sauce/slaw combination that I think I dreamt about again last night. Oh, and don't miss the biscuits - I reheated some of those just now, and they were just as good for breakfast the next day. I believe the words "best biscuit I've ever had" came out of my mouth. My kids were in heaven as well with the kids menu, and I actually ordered a second sandwich just so that it didn't have to end.  Can't wait to go back!!!" ~ Dan C. 

Nashville Hot Chicken in Oak Lawn, IL


We believe in working through our purpose, guided by our values.  We want to change the world! Starting right where we stand. We believe we can do this by spreading happiness!  The root definition of "restaurant" steams from the word "restore." The root translation of the word means "a place one goes to be restored" and restaurateur literally translates to "restorer of souls."  Our purpose is to restore your soul by replenishing your body with our care, love, and food.  Food is deeper than we know.  It tells us who we are, where we come from and what we believe in.  Food represents the past, present and future.  It bears the ties of joy, celebration and fulfillment.  We use food as a tool, a tool to restore your soul.  

We believe that the most important thing in life is family and friends and our goal to provide a place where you can build and strengthen relationships with the people you love.  In a world were technology, social media, apps, etc, there is nothing can replace sitting down with the people you love and enjoying each other.  We believe that restaurants are socially responsible to the community to provide a place of rejuvenation.  We are challenging the status quo of business.  People are not just consumers, they are human beings and every single person matters.  We aim to provide care by caring for you!  Our mission is to be the best part of your day.




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